Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sun Direct has rolled out HDTV in India. it now has 1000 customers and expect 40000 to 50000 by March 2010. The charges are Rs 10,000 per year. HDTV allows clearer and cleaner and sharper pictures with much better sound. Initially it would offer 5 channels in this service. Nearly 10000 HDTV set top boxes are expected to arrive from Samsung for Sun direct. By 2010 March Sun direct expects its subscriber base for the combined services to swell to 5.5-6 million.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vijayakanth’s Captain TV by Pongal 2010

Pongal 2010 turns to be the most happening occasion for all the entertainment buffs. The spotlights are on the big releases with loads of entertainment to offer for the small screen viewers too.

Actor Vijayakanth is all set to launch his Captain TV by Pongal 2010 and he’s actively working on the preplanning phase. Vijayakanth, as we know is already juggling between acting and politics and now has his hands full with a television channel as well.
The actor is in talks with professionals of leading satellite channels to be part of this channel as executives. Vijayakanth is very clear on what he wants on his channel, insisting on not having spoof shows of films he wants politics to be given prominence with no daily soaps.

Vijaykanth working over-time to launch 'Captain TV'

The latest buzz in Kollywood is that actor-turned-politician Vijaykanth has been working overtime to ensure that 'Captain TV', to be floated by him on behalf of his political outfit, sees the light of the day during Pongal eve next year. Sources close to the star say that efforts are afoot to 'wean away' an important man from a popular channel and bring him to 'Captain TV'.

The office of Sudeesh, Vijaykanth's brother-in-law and who has produced many of Captain's hit films, is buzzing with activity nowadays with the interviews and selection process of the crew for the proposed channel. Now almost a full-time politician, Vijaykanth has wisely chosen not to invest hard-earned money into launching the channel and instead has roped in some 'investors' from across the Vindhyas.

Senior Kollywood journalists say that it's a wise move from Captain. Captain's diktat to the channel managers is that 'cinema shouldn't be made fun of and attacked' and that 'politics should be given reasonable prominence'. One welcome feature is that the drab, irritating and nonsensical teleserials would be off the screen on 'Captain TV'.

Kavignan Kural - Vairamuthu Show - Polimer TV

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Polimer TV

Will Polimer Tv flex it's muscle and if so when? In a crowded market, Polimer has started via satellite very recently. as a cable TV it was quite popular in fact next to Sun in areas of it's operation like Salem Erode and near by. Also it has the support of the cable Tv operators as they are part of the Company. But they have politically strong, vindictive giant Companies like Sun, Kalaignar, Jaya and Vijay to compete with. Also zee , makkal, mega, raj and vasant are also showing seriousness. And then you have the music and comedy channels to compete with. Will it be easy or will they remain in the fringes like raj and be contented?

They started a star talk program from day one with Prithivi as the host and within a few days Sethu took over who was for a day or two before Booskey took over as the host. He is doing well, as usual and the choice of the stars is also not bad. There is also a promotion going on for a serial 777, in which famous film directors will screen drama's lasting for 7 Days a week for 7 weeks at 7 PM. The music express song selection and swiftness is appealing. Watch this space.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Polimer TV Launch Event Gallery

Polimer TV Launch Event Gallery
The official launch of the channel was at the Madras University Centenary Auditorium. Polimer TV is the first satellite television channel in the country to be launched by cable TV operators.

Polimer TV: Polimer Television Channel Salem, Tamil Nadu

Polimer TV is one of the most popular and local television channel and satellite network in Salem, Tamil Nadu

Mr.P.V Kalyanasundaram, Mr.AL.Kannan etc are behind the team of the TV channel.